Total Care IT Managed Services

What is Total Care IT Service?

  It’s simple: We maintain your computers, networks, internet connections, phone systems & all the needs of your staff. 

 Beyond your basic needs, we’ll also secure your network and back up your business critical data.  When your staff has technical questions we’re always available. No more worries about stuff breaking while your “IT Guy” is out due to vacations or illness. And with fixed monthly billing, we’ll protect your cash flow regardless of the number of onsite visits required to keep your business running. 

All for about half of what a full-time IT admin costs.

As your business grows, we’ll be right there with you. Our premium service offerings:

  • expanded hours of coverage
  • secured off-site backups
  • technical project management
  • vendor management
  • proactive dispatch for detected problems
  • a private PIN to directly page our on-call staff members