This page is updated manually with status of current and recent (30ish days) events.

(Times are US/Arizona UTC-7)

Current status is: AMBER: Server with bad drives has now been retired.

20190723 @11:28PM – Needed to power down a server to most quickly move data to a brand new server. Impact was on one webhosting server for 20ish minutes.

20190626 @11:05PM – After testing that all the network issues affecting us earlier have been solved, we undid the ‘cheat’. All is functioning normally.

20190626 @ 11:08AM – The cheat worked. We’ll change it back late night after all has been sorted. (Unless we need to do so earlier for performance reasons.)

20190626 @ 11:00AM – They’re taking longer than they thought. We’re going to try a ‘cheat’, and backhaul traffic through a different server.

20190626 @10:25AM – They’re making progress. If you want to track it, their ticket URL is

20190626 @ 9:50AM – A router crashed at the Quebec data center knocking our server’s public network interface offline. Our provider’s techs are on it and it should be back soon (soon being 10:30AM AZ time or better).

20190622 @9:45PM – A disk failed in one of the Quebec servers, and its pair was showing some error precursors. As a precaution we shut the machine’s services off during the migration to speed the process. Downtime of about 25 minutes.

20190609 @11:48AM – Fun update – performance improvement.
We’re rolling out TLS 1.3 support to all servers. This will reduce the SSL handshake time for new connections to your site by 10-30ms.

Green: I am completely operational, and all my circuits are functioning perfectly normally.

AMBER: External network issues.

RED: Zombie Apocalypse

Magenta – a service is down, but not really an emergency.