This page is updated manually with status of current and recent (30ish days) events.

(Times are US/Arizona UTC-7)

Current status is: Amber: All sites were moved off the malfunctioning server – and it’s staying offline until we can figure out what was causing it to hang.

20191019 @12:15AM: One updated server (of 15) didn’t like the updates and has been unstable. We’re currently migrating sites off it & trying to figure out what it didn’t like about the updates. It keeps losing network connectivity.
(One gremlin always has to sneak in.)

20191018 @10:15PM: We need to do some reboots of the various servers to finish updating their operating systems. Most reboots should be <2 minutes, none should be longer than 15 min. (This will be done over multiple days.)

20191011 @3:28 PM: Network link is back up. Waiting on an answer from our vendor. They claimed there wasn’t maintenance and that a cable went bad. (That answer doesn’t seem accurate.)

20191011 @2:08 PM: One of our Phoenix data links is offline. This seems to be planned maintenance which started very late. (Waiting on an update.)
Impact will be minimal as browser are generally smart enough to use the other IP addresses for a site.

20190830 @11:13PM – All maintenance done w/o issues. Went a little faster than expected (for once).

Green: I am completely operational, and all my circuits are functioning perfectly normally.

AMBER: External network issues.

RED: Zombie Apocalypse

Magenta – a service is down, but not an emergency.