Our Turn for an Update

Hi Everyone!

Since it appears that every company is sending an update on how they’re handling the COVID-19 crisis, now seems a good time for us to do one too.

Don’t expect this update to be nearly as serious as some of the others you’ve read. (Anyone who has hosted with us for a while should already know this.)

But first a quick note on upcoming maintenance…

One of our Phoenix ISPs will be doing maintenance on their network from 2-4AM Arizona time tonight.
Traffic should fail over to our other Phoenix network provider, but there could be a blip. They’re estimating the link will be offline for 40 minutes.

Summary: when it comes to keeping your site up and running during all this, we’re ready.

We correctly assumed that we’d see an overall spike in traffic as options for other entertainment were canceled. So, last weekend we deployed a few additional servers to ensure we had plenty of headroom to handle traffic spikes.

The last two days have been our highest traffic days ever. Seems you all are doing amazing work and creating interesting content. Great job everyone!

With respect to our teams’ health and safety, we’re having all our techs work from home. This is a change from having all our techs work from home. Wait…

*Comic pause*

Actually the only policy change request came from a tech who asked if he would be required to wear pants when working from home. (I’m not kidding, though I suspect he might have been.)

Relatedly, I’ve decided against holding web meetings with the team for a while. Not that we actually do those either. We spend the day messaging in Slack or doing voice chat.

Getting slightly serious for a moment, we’re here for you!

If your circumstances change and you need us to be flexible on payments, need a laugh, or whatever, please reach out. We’re here.

Because, we’re all in this together.