Our Thoughts on Updating to WordPress 5 and Gutenberg

Hi All,

We’ve had a bunch of questions regarding WordPress 5 and especially the new Gutenberg editor.

For those clients on our hosting plans where we do your updates, we’re going to hold off on those updates until January, maybe February, depending on what we see with respect to plugin and other issues with the new release. We’ll still be doing your other plugin updates, but would rather give all the developers a bit more time to track down any bugs – and there will be bugs.

WordPress’s built-in updates doing the won’t update to this new major version. It does minor updates within the same major version. In other words, if your site is running 4.9.4, WP will update to 4.9.5, but it won’t update to 5.0.

If you’re doing your own updates, maybe also hold off on those for a bit. If you want to give it a whirl, feel free to do so – but maybe open a (low priority) support ticket to have us take an extra backup of your site beforehand.

Thanks for hosting with us.