How We Spoil Our Clients

*Adapted from an email sent out*


It’s come to my attention that there’s been some conversation regarding hosting discounts we may offer. Please allow me to join in.

We do our best to spoil all our clients. This takes shape in multiple ways, sometimes it’s extra support time we don’t bill for, and other times it’s discounts to hosting or additional resources.

Each of your sites and needs are different. I hope that at least part of the reason you host with us is because of our highly personalized service. This personalization extends to how we choose to spoil you.

Our standard hosting tiers for individuals are $8.50 / $15 / $27 / $45 per month. Additional bandwidth can be pre-purchased for $7 per 100GB or after the fact at $8.50 per 100GB.

The standard multiple site discount is 20% for Premium hosting and above. Though we’ll try to do something for Basic sites to make it a no-brainer for folk to try something new.

Our standard hourly rate is $95/hr for non-hosted clients and $85.50/hr for hosted clients. Off-hours, holiday, and weekend rates for senior technical help are higher.

But, you’re unique along with your specific needs and concerns. So we’ll spoil you differently. Below are a few real, but anonymized examples.

If you need more hand-holding and someone to swoop in when you break one of your sites late on a Saturday night, our fixing it and not charging for time, and giving you my personal cell number is how we’ll spoil you. (There’s more, but it would reveal who.)

If your budget is very tight and your sites don’t generate much traffic -and- you don’t need much technical support, we may discount multiple Basic hosting sites for your first year –  longer if $ doesn’t improve.

If you have a bunch of sites but one is far and away the huge driver of bandwidth or CPU load, we may not worry so much about the smaller sites and roll everything together under the bigger site like we do for our clients with dedicated servers, this is how we spoil you. (There’s more, but it would reveal who.)

If you have a bunch of sites plus one site that you estimated 400GB of bandwidth for, but it is currently at 1200GB, we may waive some of the bandwidth overage – though you may not know this yet since this is the first full month of hosting.

And if you’re starting, or running a business that could drive lots of new business to us, but your sites don’t use much traffic and you don’t need much technical help, we might lower the base hosting rate, but not the overage rate, and set up some extra test/development sites to make it easier for you. This is how we spoil you.

And two other cases where we gave significant discounts or delayed expectation of payment.
1) If you’re in hiding from an abusive soon-to-be ex-spouse, we might waive all hosting charges and set up a custom VPN so he thinks you’re in CO when you’re in CA.
2) If you lost your job and can’t pay for hosting, we might defer payments for 8 months to give you one fewer thing to worry about.

Each of those examples above have very different hosting profiles with different cost structures for us. So in each case, I try to spoil the respective client in the way I think is most beneficial to them.

Do I always guess right? Nope. Is everything perfectly equal? Probably not. But when putting all the details into Excel and looking at it mathematically, percentage-wise, it’s close.

Related to how we spoil, I’m often asked about us offering an affiliate program. We won’t ever do one for two reasons. First, it’s a tax nightmare. Second, affiliate programs poison the value of referrals. ******** has a fantastic affiliate program, but almost half of our clients have fled them due to crummy service and performance. Yet people who know how bad they are will still send people to them for the affiliate $.

Our life blood is your referrals. If you refer folk to us, we will find ways to show gratitude.

Your feedback will dictate how our policies evolve and if our flexibility causes angst to where we have to pay attention to every minute and every GB of bandwidth, then that extra time and expense will reflect in more time and money for us counting beans, and less time providing brilliant service and the occasional gift of an unexpected discount.

As always, if you have questions, concerns or think I’m being a big meanie, feel free to contact me. You might very well be right. 🙂

I’m thankful to have every single one of you as clients.

Thank you!

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