DeGreekifying Technology

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I was talking with my friend Mercedes M. Yardley a few days ago about all the spam she receives and when I asked if her ISP used any tools to block some of it, she didn’t know and said that “computer talk is Greek to me”.

Now she’s a brilliant author that could master Greek Geek speak if she wanted. Really, she already knows a lot about technology. However, she really liked it when I offered to “translate Geek speak” for her instead of trying to make her learn the tech terms.

Our conversation helped me put to words exactly how I want everyone at TechSurgeons to act with our less-technically inclined clients. For those that want to learn more about technology, we’ll teach. For those that don’t, we’ll translate!

So we’re going to start “DeGreekifying” technology with a series of articles and want to hear what mysteries you’d like us to “translate”.


PS. As of the time of this post, the word “DeGreekifying” returns exactly zero results on Google. I look forward to its inevitable inclusion in the dictionary.

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