Author Services

Welcome Authors, Bloggers, & other creative folk!

TechSurgeons is happy to provide web hosting, virtual book tours, and other technical services with creative folk in mind.  We enjoy when ‘our’ authors come to us with research questions, and have been known to beta read from time to time.

Web Site Design & Hosting

Your web site is critical to your brand.  Let us power and protect your web site, the foundation of your online platform. Product links here.


A slow web site hurts. Google and other search engines use page loading speed as a criteria in page rankings. They recognize that if your site is slow, visitors will get frustrated and go elsewhere. We’re constantly working to improve speed, but never at the expense of the critical stuff you don’t see – actively thwarting hackers and protecting your data.

If you have an existing web site,
please consider moving to us if you’re frustrated with your current host or want better support. Product links here.

If you need a web site built from scratch,
email us and we’ll either take care of you directly, or refer you to a trusted designer who can.

Or if  gremlins suddenly possess your web site,
we can help – even if you don’t (yet) host with us. Order here.Gremlin image

Beyond Web Sites

In Limited Release: Virtual Book Tours – use our classroom/meeting software to hold a book tour without having to travel. Our tech allows for audio chatting, web cams, instant messages, the ability to display pages or chapters of your novel for a reading, and sharing your screen. Contact us for a demo or to use it.

If gremlins have infested your computer or if you deleted your MS, talk to us before you do anything else. Those first moments after a problem arises are critical to protect your data. So long as you still have Internet access, we can often remove viruses, clean your computer, and recover files remotely. And if your hard drive crashes, we offer data recovery services. Order here.

Pick the brains of our tech experts for webinars, public speaking, or one-on-one chat sessions. We’ll happily translate between ‘Geek’ and ‘Author’ on topics such as technology, security, privacy (better hiding behind a pen name), and Internet safety. We promise to make even the most boring technical topic entertaining. Contact us for more info.